Swimming pool

Olive’Spa Center has 8.5 meter pool with separate Jacuzzi area. The maximum depth of the pool is 170 cm, minimum – 140 cm.

There are several chaise-longues and tables available for guests to relax with a refreshing drink. Upon guests’ request, special classes can be arranged:

  • Medical swimming for children
  • Swimming classes for babies
  • Children’s birthdays and various parties

Swimming caps and taking a shower before entering are mandatory when using the swimming pool. Rates are as follows:

Single visit – 25 BGN

Single visit for 1 child – 12.50 BGN

MALKITE RIBKI Medical swimming for children is focused on psycho-physical relaxation and emotional balance, which in addition to bringing more smiles to children, make them healthier. This type of therapeutic swimming is intended for children with emotional problems, spinal distortions, overweight, asthma, frequent illness, stuttering. Instructors will teach your children to swim and help them become healthier, stronger, smarter and more emotionally resilient. To make an appointment, you can call 0889 357 669 or email at office@malkiteribki.com.

Learning to swim can be one of the most valuable experiences of childhood.
Baby swimming improves the muscle tonus, endurance and the strength. Better coordination balance and blood flow is achieved. It creates confident, self-secured kids that have better and more relaxed sleep. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday before noon both you and your baby can join the Baby swimming classes organized by Denitsa Chobanova at Olive`SPA Center. You can make an appointment for your baby at the following address: http://pluvanesbebe.bg/en/basejn-olives/. For more information please call 0887 488 558 or email us at info@pluvanesbebe.bg.